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Viva la Vuca: Comeback of Creativity / Forward Festival 2021

ME, WE – Together we can.

In this panel discussion, the local design scene of Hamburg will discuss the last year. A year full of uncertainty and we all experienced unprecedented moments. Moments of pretty mixed emotions. We missed and still miss a lot. The distance between us has been growing, the pandemic has torn us apart, has challenged our togetherness and community. We learned to focus on things close to our values and our hearts. Things that bring hope, optimism, and vigor. Most importantly, human interactions.

So how do we grow together again?
In a world, where individualization is not a trend but the credo we live after, we seem to have forgotten how to be “we”, when unity is ever important. We spend a lifetime figuring out who we individually are, but how often do we consider “we”? After all, a feeling of togetherness is what individuals thrive for – especially after a year of social distancing.

Together with our guests we want to discuss the current crisis and the challenges it brings to creatives worldwide. Lockdowns have almost silenced the art and design scene globally, have often put limits to artistry and have raised problems, to which no one knows the solutions. Especially in crisis like this one, it is essential to stick together, to become a “we” – and to keep on moving forward. Because together we can.

The following speaker will take part in the panel discussion: Bettina Knoth (Designer & DDC Chairwoman), Terry Krug (Initiator of Viva la VUCA & Networker) and Sean Loomis (Designer and Networker).

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